What is Micro Enterprise?

Micro Enterprise is our innovative solution for alleviation of economic situation of the active poor.  Micro Enterprise is widely recognized as the most powerful tool to help the very poor but business-minded, throughout the world to rise above poverty. It aims to foster and promote understanding of the development locally by empowering indigenous families and  individuals in the urban and rural poor areas through the establishment of sustainable and profitable projects. Generally, Micro Enterprise aims to meet the vast global demand for small-scale financial assistance to poor and needy people who would like to borrow money without any interest for their establishing small-scale business but have no access to formal banking systems.

Purpose of the Program

Micro Enterprise brings the power of financial services to the grassroots. Poverty is multi-dimensional, and by providing access to financial services, poor people could take advantage of economic opportunities for their homes, their environments and their communities. Micro Enterprise can help them increase income, build viable business, and reduce their vulnerability to external shocks.  Indeed, in many developing countries, self-employment through Micro Enterprise is often the only way to provide for families and the local environment.  Thus, this program expected to generate employment throughout communities and eventually supports the poverty alleviation program of the Philippine government.

If you want to help our ministry in EMPOWERING THE POOR, 
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