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"Transforming Lives 
in the Philippines"

Dear  beloved partners and friends, 

   Friday night is prayer night for Precious Heritage Children. After dinner when their chores are done, we would all sit in the hall then sing, listen and pray to God. One thing is noticed every time they pray, they don’t mention names but they are certain that God uses people in providing their needs. One time I heard one child who said in his prayer “Thank you dear Jesus because you care for us.  I didn’t expect you Lord to give us building like our school! My former classmates and teachers in the public school should also ask from you because they don’t have enough classrooms!”
   In deed, Precious Heritage is really blessed for having you! 

PH Children’s Home

   We thank the Lord for our partners who provide and support our wards. For the first time, we were able to provide complete uniforms (school uniforms, PE uniforms, shoes and school supplies) to our children before the school year began. The children are very excited daily wearing their new uniforms. God bless you for helping us care for the children!
   We are grateful to God also for the officers and staff of the Divine Care Inc. for conducting outreach program and providing gifts to Precious Heritage Children and all those who visited our Home. The children were very happy for your presence and hoping to see you here again someday.

PH Summer Sports-fest

     We successfully conducted our regular summer sports program to the children in Antipolo last May 2012 through the sponsorship and personal involvement of Sitel/Cricket Communications. The children did enjoy the different sports activities, the fellowship and the foods. 
     Scott Stewart of Cricket Communications also graced the event and enjoyed watching the children.

Children Fun Day and Gift-giving

We thank God for the success of Children’s fun day and gift-giving program in Antipolo. Through the assistance of Michelle Bailey and her friends 200 less privileged kids enjoyed the activities conducted last June 12 at Precious Heritage Christian School compound. We thank God also for PHCS teachers and staff for administering the program and our friends who donated items to Precious Heritage that we distributed to these children. The day was so rewarding and encouraged to start the school year right as the Word of God was also shared to them. 

May God bless all those who support and pray for our children here! We never stop praying for you and your family.  We cherish in our hearts your concern and sacrifices to partner with us in bringing love and hope to the children. We hope all the best for you and your family!

In Christ's Service, 

Founding Director

PH Christian School

    Truly nothing is impossible to God! When we were just starting, we dreamed of little things which can be easily realized but as we continue trusting and serving God, He put in our hearts the desire for great and big things.
   Months ago, the PH family held hands and kneeled down in prayer to give us a structure of 3 classrooms. It was granted, we have it in 6 months. But God just surprise us, a much bigger building, 2-storey with an office and 5 classrooms was erected through His faithful ambassadors of love. They came to us without expecting anything in return!
    God works in ways that overwhelm us. Precious Heritage family is so privileged to have given the chance to thank Him by serving these children and is committed to continue to care for the orphaned, neglected and abandoned children that they have hope and bright future ahead. More importantly, we commit to bring them to Christ!

PH Tribal Ministry

   Together with some classmates and friends, we visited the Hanunuo tribe of Mangyan in San Jose, occidental Mindoro. We personally distributed rice, canned goods, old clothing, toys, noodles and other donated items received from you.
   The whole tribe gladly welcomed us with their native songs and dance. After we shared the word of God, a simple snack was served then the goods and stuff were distributed. We praise God for the opportunity of being a channel of blessings to them.

PH Baseco Feeding Ministry

   Through the kindness of Mr. Ken Compton and Pastor Scott Neely, the First Presbyterian Church help us to restore our feeding ministry for the poor children in Baseco Compound Manila. We praise God for the answered prayer and for the great previledge to partner with them in providing love and hope to the children! 

We need your prayers! 

1. Funding for the construction of Mangyan classroom in San Jose Mindoro (Budget $1,000). 

2. Education support for our tribe children in Mindoro and Mindanao (Budget still needed $100 monthly) 

3. Construction of dormitory for our children ages 13-18 years old. ($5,000) 

4. Children’s school modules for the second quarter ($300.00). 

5. Children Sponsorship for each of the children at Precious Heritage Children's Home.


"Because I delivered the poor who cried for help, and the fatherless who had none to help him." Job 29:22  ESV